A milkshake has super-powers that can turn a bad day into an incredible one. At Jukebox Junction, we hold the power to re-arrange your day. Our milkshakes are thick and rich with flavors, and perfectly creamed for your appetite.


Growing up when the closest Soda Shop was the place to be on Friday nights? It doesn’t really matter where in the world you were, because that Old Fashioned Soda Shop experience is relatively the same across this great country. The jukebox blaring, the checkered floors, old school counter-tops and cool swivel stools with foam padding… oh the days of our early childhoods.

The smell was ingrained in our senses. That aroma of fresh burgers


on the grill and good ole’ home-style cooking. And to top off the entire experience were the milkshakes!

Life was a lot less chaotic back then and a good night at the Soda Shop was the place we all wanted to be to kick off the weekend.

At Jukebox Junction, we strive everyday in keeping these memories and smells and flavors and experiences as good as they were back in “the day.”